Life Coaching by a Specialist

At Life Unlymmited Ltd, I offer bespoke life coaching.
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Helping to deal with all kinds of life situations

I am a qualified life coach, who offers 1-1 coaching for individuals who may be looking to develop themselves in some way, or may want help to change an aspect of their life, be it career/work-related, relationships, health, family or friendships or confidence, self esteem, belief or motivation.

My approach is entirely client focused and from the outset, my aim is to truly understand the client’s motivations, desires, values, beliefs, fears and ideas to be able to coach and develop every client to enjoy more confidence, happiness and personal growth as a person.

Bring positive changes in your life

Life coaching is a well-established process, which is extremely effective in enabling an individual to explore areas of their life and identify where they may want to make changes to achieve the life they want to live. Through a proven and recognised programme, I work with clients to identify areas that they want to focus on; support individuals to identify what is important to them; develop goals and personalised action plans to get there and, importantly, create the enablers and remove the barriers to help them to be successful.

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