At Life Unlymmited Ltd, I offer professional life coaching and business consultancy services. Call me today for more information.


Bespoke coaching and personal development

Whether you’re looking for life coaching or development for your business or teams, get in touch with me. I offer high-standard coaching on goal setting, personal development, health and well-being, work/life balance and team effectiveness. I can also provide management training and business consultancy services. I conduct individual and group training sessions and workshops, and can customise my coaching to suit your individual or group needs. Feel free to discuss your personal or business needs with me today.

I offer a wide range of coaching and development including:

– Personal Development
– Life Coaching
– Business Coaching
– Team Building

A specialist holistic approach

If you’re looking for a qualified life coach, get in touch with me. I follow a holistic approach, which enables you to take a step back and assess all aspects of your life. I can assist you to identify and set goals and encourage you to achieve your targets, keeping a balance of values and priorities. Similarly, I can cater to your business coaching and team building needs. Feel free to contact me today.

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