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What our Clients say


Lesley Richardson - July 2018 Capability Lead at UK Ministry of Defence

“Recently Naomi posted a quote on LinkedIn that said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.
It has been well over 12 months since I had the privilege of working with and being coached by Naomi, and for that period of time I kept trying to remind myself to complete this recommendation.
On seeing this quote, it really did give me the spur I needed to do this, as it completely resonated.
Watching Naomi work, approach situations and ultimately the impact she had on people was inspiring. Yet 12 months on, I have to admit I can’t remember the exact way she did this or the exact conversations we had during that time.
What I do remember is the confidence she instilled, the warmth she radiated and her belief in helping you succeed.
Ultimately the way in which Naomi coaches, empowers you to take action whilst feeling genuinely and honestly supported.
Her knowledge, experience and insights are simply, spot-on.
I couldn’t recommend her more, the impact she has will last a lifetime”


Roger Emery February 2018 Operations Director at Muller UK & Ireland Group

“I have worked with Naomi on a number of occasions, working in HR, Organisational Design, Change Management and Coaching/Development.

In all cases Naomi brings a professional and personal approach to the role. She identifies clear and pragmatic solutions, establishing common goals, and develops structured plans to deliver results.

She has an inclusive approach and works with all stakeholders in the team to engage them in change.

Even through difficult change programmes, Naomi has guided and supported people through the process, and has enabled people and the organisation to progress and move forward.
She is approachable, motivational, supportive, and fun to work with.
I’ve really enjoyed working with Naomi and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again”


Jessica Bushell November 2017 Large Employer Engagement Senior Strategy Manager at National Apprenticeship Service

“Naomi is a warm, thoughtful individual who listens attentively and gets genuine enjoyment out of watching people develop and grow.

A conversation with Naomi feels natural and often times, I didn’t even realise that I was being coached. I would walk away, feeling happier and like I had more direction and confidence in myself. On reflection, I’d realise that it was all Naomi, masterfully guiding me through my own thoughts until I’d arrived at my own solutions.

Naomi is very genuine and very nurturing. It was a privilege to work with her.”


Bryony Farr November 2017 Personal coaching workshop attendee

“I couldn’t praise Naomi any higher.

She put me at ease instantly, she asked what i was looking for from the session then clearly stated what we would cover, the format and how it would be of benefit me.

During the session Naomi made me feel so positive and excited for what the future could hold.
Naomi has a wonderful way with people and is so personable. She put me at ease instantly and highlighted strengths I would never have thought of in such a clear and simple way.
I have recently embarked upon a change in direction which I am very excited about, and I feel I owe a great deal of it to Naomi’s belief in me and her encouragement.
Thank you Naomi.”

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